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The theorist is a small web based initiative with a simple aim for a better globe.


The mission is to share 

reformative views and opinions to the fellow  global citizens.

The article diversity of 
'the  theorist'
not only ranges from issues of social ,environmental,political relevance including governance,

 but also to technological and conerns of global warming.

The theorist aims to bring like minded people together so as to form a thought provoking  and opinion builder group.

The Theorist View On Indian Population 

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Population Explosion Globally is the biggest problem ever faced by mankind.We are pushing our natural resources to limits. The population explosion is happneing at a pace of 1% year on year globally.

The capacity management world over has failed.With all governments struggling to provide basic nessecities to all. We are generating more poors world over lacking basic emenities like lack of education, heathcare , homes, food and shelter.The growing population means more food for people, higher food yields, higher needs for homes, more and wider roads,more power and elelctricity All this adds pressure to finite natural resources available to mankind in the world.The wide spread industrialization and deforestation catering to increasing world demand have lead to global warming , flash floods, cloud bursts and erratic weather.